City Tours – The thousand faces of Milan

Milanese routes created for a 2/3 hour city tour, according to a common thread that characterizes it.

All our tours are private and customizable

1. Classic itinerary (the heart of Milan)

Ideal tour for those who visit Milan for the first time and want to discover the most important monuments: the Duomo, dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente, the eclectic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Palazzo Marino and the Teatro alla Scala, to then reach, after a short walk, the Castello Sforzesco.

2. The 10 things to do and see during a weekend in Milan

Between the old and the new that advances, an itinerary that includes the obligatory stops for a discovery of the city in the round, with the 10 must-see places to visit in Milan.

3. Milan Viscontea and Sforzesca

The Visconti and the Sforza are part of the history of Milan and the itinerary to get to know the city follows their stories: the Cathedral with its marble pyramids forms a unique spectacle in the world, the Sforzesco Castle, sumptuous residence of the Dukes of Milan, then became a fortress perpetually besieged by new rulers, bring us back to the time of Lombard lords.

4. Leonardesque itinerary (the soul and the face)

Arrived in Milan almost thirty years old, the great master Leonardo da Vinci lived here the most intense years of his artistic career, creating works that have always attracted visitors from all over the world. The Leonardesco path offers the knowledge of his genius through the masterpieces made in Milan.

5. Manzoni’s itinerary and Casa Manzoni

On the trail of Renzo Tramaglino to discover the Milan of the seventeenth century, how much Renzo saw and met in our city, and then continue with the knowledge of the writer Alessandro Manzoni through the monuments that remember him and the places of his life.

6. Musical Itinerary (in the footsteps of Verdi and Toscanini)

A journey dedicated to the discovery of the most loved and frequented places by the great Italian composer and by one of the greatest conductors of all time, both giants of music, united not only by the common origins of Emilia.

7. Art galleries, museums, temporary exhibitions and events

A journey through painting through the centuries through the works on display in the most important art galleries and museums in Milan and / or an in-depth visit to the temporary exhibitions and events present in the respective periods.

8. Unusual museums

A journey through unusual museums including the Galleries of Italy, in Piazza della Scala, which offer nearly 200 Italian masterpieces of the nineteenth century, including pre-futurist works by Umberto Boccioni and other artists such as Hayez, Segantini, Fontana, Munari, Guttuso and Baj .

9. Milanese houses-museum

The charm of unique places in the city: works of art purposely collected and arranged in sumptuous domestic environments. Architecture, decorative arts, furnishings and collections together give back the high standard of life of their owners.

10. Milanese churches and basilicas

From the basilicas founded by S. Ambrogio in the fourth century to the most important churches of the city, which represent a unique monumental heritage of Milan for the precious works of art that can be admired within them.

11. Short walk of the 7 churches

Two-hour walking tour – “short walk of the 7 churches” – from the Duomo to Porta Ticinese, through centuries of Milanese history.

From Milan’s Piazza del Duomo, walk two thousand years, listening and meditating on religious, civil, social, urban, architectural history, through the diversity of the merits of seven churches.

12. Milanese abbeys (Chiaravalle – Morimondo – Viboldone – Mirasole)

In the south of Milan there are four of the most important abbeys in northern Italy.

Places of faith and prayer, but also architectural and artistic masterpieces and centers of monastic communities, which played a decisive role in the agricultural development of the Milan area.

13. Milan through the centuries (from Roman Milan to contemporary Milan)

From Roman Milan, when it was the capital of the Western Roman Empire, to the Milan of Expo 2015. Each tour includes a description of the historical artistic period of reference and the visit of the respective monuments.

14. Milan Expo: from 1906 to 2015

A historical itinerary in the area of ​​the first international transport Expo site of 1906 and then a “pavilion tour” that will take you behind the scenes of the most interesting pavilions of the exhibition site in an area adjacent to the Rho-Pero exhibition complex, making you know the facts and characters of Expo Milano 2015.

15. Milan from above and the skyscrapers of Milan

A tour through the skyscrapers of Milan Porta Nuova, the new city skyline. Discovering new residential buildings including the Bosco Verticale, two residential towers with terraces entirely covered with plants, prestigious business centers, green areas, cycle paths and pedestrianized areas.

16. Milan and the waterways (the Milanese Navigli and the old Milan)

The navigli system has a very ancient origin and is still one of the most characteristic and picturesque aspects of Milan. The canals are navigable from March to September but can be visited all year round to discover the “old Milan”, a popular district today fashionable, full of clubs and nightlife.

17. Underground Milan (the archaeological Milan)

Tour dedicated to the search for the ancient heart of the Roman Mediolanum, capital of the Western Roman Empire. Journey through the ancient city among treasures, statues, capitals and mosaics.

18. The Monumental Cemetery unveiled

The monumental cemetery of Milan with its Famedio, a civic temple dedicated to the burial of illustrious citizens, with the fascinating works of neoclassical or liberty style of the famous people buried here, is an open-air museum of architecture and sculpture.

19. Milan Liberty (the Liberty and Déco soul of Milan)

Milan is rightly considered one of the most liberty cities in Italy. Many Art Nouveau buildings were built between 1900 and 1910 because at that time the city developed outside the circle of the Spanish walls. A visit to the discovery of palaces, rich in friezes, wrought iron, majolica and mosaics.

20. The artistic avant-gardes of the twentieth century

The artistic avant-gardes of the 20th century mark breaking points in a century that changes its social and productive fabric. A journey to discover the extraordinary artistic, stylistic and formal innovations of the last century.

21. Photographic tour (the Milan of cinema)

A tour dedicated to photography and cinema: a path designed specifically to photograph the most beautiful sites, on the traces of the places already immortalized in their famous films set in Milan, by famous Italian and foreign directors.

22. Hidden Milan (the Milan of silence)

This itinerary wants to get away from the most beaten paths to visit those corners of the city that usually the tourist does not see and to discover the hidden places of Milan. Walking through the ancient cobblestones, you will discover the courtyards of the ancient palaces, cloisters, small churches of art and much more.

23. Unusual and almost secret Milan (mysteries between history and myth, legends, ghosts and curiosities)

The disturbing secrets of the city: from the monsters scattered everywhere, of which you can grasp the great ornamental presence, to the ghosts that seem to wander near the Castello Sforzesco and the Duomo, to the saint with the sword stuck in the head …

24. Esoteric Milan

A multi-faceted city like Milan hides in its millennia symbolic places that must be known and scrutinized with careful eyes to really penetrate the most ancient and authentic heart of the city. An intriguing and magical path, between Masonic enigmas and esoteric symbols.

25. Milan noir

The dark and cruel side that sees the scene of vicissitudes criminals a few steps from the Madonnina. An exciting journey through the centuries, from the nineteenth century to the present day, retracing the noir stories in the different neighborhoods of Milan.

26. Jewish Itinerary

Guided tour inside the Synagogue and continuation of the tour in Jewish Milan exploring the most significant places, with the possibility, at the end, to taste Italian specialties in kosher version.

27. Russian itinerary

Guided tour in Russian language to discover unusual Milanese churches frequented by Russian Orthodox faithful, art galleries and shopping, and then eventually conclude with happy hour or Italian or Russian dinner, listening to traditional and modern live music.

28. German itinerary

Particular itinerary, studied for customers of German language and culture, which foresees the visit of the most significant monuments of Milan. At the end of the tour you can visit the workshop of a famous pastry chef and taste some of his cakes.

29. Romantic itinerary

A journey through the most romantic places in Milan, from the representation in Brera of sacred loves and profane loves, to the historic garden, and then reach the large canal where an intimate and picturesque church is mirrored.

30. Famous women and loves (the unforgettable ones)

Portraits of great Milanese women who make up an unusual gallery of fascinating female characters and intricate stories of love; a cultural walk through castles and palaces, reliving the history of these unforgettable icons of the past.

31. History walks (historical-artistic paths through the streets of Milan in the company of illustrious personalities)

A virtual historical-artistic-literary walk in the company of great protagonists of the past, discovering the traces they have left on our territory and visiting places, monuments and museums that remind them.

32. Garden walks – the most beautiful parks and gardens – the plants of Milan (botanical itinerary)

A botanical path in the oldest public gardens of the city, to discover the tree species present in the various parks and the history of these green areas, meeting places loved by the Milanese and visitors.

33. End shopping: fashion quadrilateral, antique design and home collections
From the quadrilateral of fashion to shopping routes among the most beautiful and secret shops in the city, hidden in ancient courtyards and characteristic corners, where you can find objects of the highest quality and unique items.

34. Historic rooms and cafés – cultural and thematic aperitifs
An opportunity for aggregation and at the same time to approach art and culture. Visitors can sip an aperitif in an environment of rare beauty, accompanied on a virtual journey through time and history.

35. Enogastronomic itinerary – Milanese and Lombard cuisine
Milanese cuisine is the reference point of traditional Lombard cuisine; some typical dishes have become so popular that they are now considered national. An itinerary to discover the less known dishes of the region, which differ according to the different cultural and historical influences.

36. The best markets in Milan (unmissable markets)
The markets of Milan, both the generalists of clothing and fruit and vegetables, and those dedicated to niches in the sector, are a city institution, which deserves a visit. Especially the flea market and the antiques market are interesting for tourists looking for good deals and special items.

37. Low cost itinerary (survive Milan)
An original and alternative way to visit, see and learn about the city, discovering museums, masterpieces of art, shops, shops and addresses for a gastronomic break, carefully selected from those offering good quality at the right price.

38. Football Tour
A journey through the history of football with a visit to the Giuseppe Meazza stadium, better known as Stadio S. Siro. Free admission to the “Inter and Milan” museum inside; continuation of the itinerary with the visit of Casa Milan, the new headquarters of the Calcio Milan Association.

39. Milan on foot (theme walks in Milan)
There are numerous historical and cultural itineraries that can be done on foot as Milan is not difficult to explore. On foot, without stress, you can visit the most important monuments of the city and learn about its wonderful history, discovering a thousand evocative views.

40. Milan by tram
Unusual city tour on an old tram of the 20s along the most beautiful streets of Milan, to know it and appreciate its history, culture and anecdotes, narrated, during this relaxing tour, by professional guides.

41. Milan by bicycle (bike rides)
Milan is full of glimpses of surprising beauty, small wonders and unsuspected corners to be discovered in a different way. During a guided bike-tour you can learn about the history, art and curiosities of the city and easily reach places otherwise inaccessible or little known.

42. Milan in Segway
A relaxing visit with no traffic tails, visiting the historic center of Milan with a unique and personalized tour, accompanied by an official city guide.

43. Milan out of the way (Milan and surroundings)
A Milan to be exploited also in terms of tourism. History and art of factories and suburbs: a metropolis full of hidden treasures and suggestive corners, works of art kept almost in secret in ancient and modern churches in the suburbs …

44. Milan thematic (personalized tours – thematic itineraries of historical and modern architecture, design and culture – religious itineraries)
In order to meet all the various requests that come to us, we are available to organize and propose together with you other “tailor-made” itineraries, identifying the points of interest selected from those already proposed.
In this regard we have also prepared special itineraries for those who want to give a personalized guided tour to customers, family or friends, even during special events and occasions.

45. Schools – educational itineraries (tours particularly suitable for children and students)

Milan Capital of the Western Roman Empire

The tour of the Roman Milan is a structured route, including unknown places of art, inventories and archaeological finds.

A journey to discover the glorious past of the ancient Mediolanum in one of its moments of maximum architectural and cultural splendor, when, from 286 to 402 D.C., it was the capital of the Western Roman Empire.

Milan Viscontea and Sforzesca

Leonardesco itinerary

Manzoni’s itinerary and Casa Manzoni

Low cost itinerary (survive Milan)

Temporary exhibitions


MUBA (Children’s Museum) – Archaeological Museum – Egyptian Museum – Museum of Musical Instruments – Museum of Science and Technology – Museum of Natural History – Planetary Civic Ulrico Hoepli – Museum of the Risorgimento – Civic Aquarium – Brera Botanical Garden.